About Us

We believe you will enjoy working with our settled, honest, and friendly team. The staff here are experienced in London sales, lettings and property management and want you to benefit from their valuable knowledge.

Outlet team chatting and having coffee

What we are all about

The company was established in 1995 in Soho initially covering properties in the West End. However, continued business growth has led us to expand our services across London from our current offices just off Regent Street.

A high number of our clients have come by way of recommendation, particularly from the LGBT community with which we enjoy close ties, and we have gone on to forge lasting business relationships with them over the past 25 years.

We never lose sight of our clients’ priorities; we are innovative and always want to find solutions to any problems that may arise. As an independent agency we are not hampered in our efforts by lengthy processes, which allows us to offer a tailormade and direct service.

Meet the team

Outlet Residential - Kinga

Kinga Parker

Managing Director

Outlet Residential - Jonny

Jonny Dymond

Head of Sales

Outlet Residential - Russell

Russell Wells

Senior Lettings Negotiator

Outlet Residential - Fernando

Fernando Mediavilla

Head of Finance

Outlet Residential - Ian

Iain Hawke

Business Development MANAGER

Outlet Residential - Joy

Joy Griffiths


Outlet Residential - Angel

Angela Mcfarlane

Property Co-ordinator

I enjoy working with a company who employ personable staff who are always available and have a clear understanding of industry allowing them to answer my questions and importantly listen any concerns. Furthermore I am impressed with their knowledge of the immediate area in which they predominantly operate which is something regularly demonstrated.”